ONE-ON-ONE Consultation

Crafted to offer you clarity and direction

Consult On-On-One With

  • Athlete
  • Parents
  • College Athletic
  • Departments
  • Alumni groups
  • Academy or Club owners or Executives

We Can Help With

  • Cut through any confusion
  • Provide solid takeaways
  • Give you direction to your questions
    Offer you trusted resources/ courses

What to Expect

  • 90 minutes consulting (included quick review of any material you believe will be relevant to understand your situation).
  • Conducted over Zoom (video and/or audio, depending on your comfort and requirement).
  • Solid takeaways and next steps in your process.


$200 for 90 minutes.

Consultation Request Form

To start, please fill out the form below. Please include your current portfolio’s website and social media links, as well as the dates and times that are best for you. As soon as we finalize the arrangements, we will request payment through the product link and we will be on our way!